God, Health, Gluten, and Running…

So, it’s been a while since I last wrote…

The children have recently gone back to school following the summer holiday, and I am just about catching up where I left off.

And, where is that then? I ask myself.

I was searching for God and health, if I remember right. I think I have found God, again, where I left him/her/it years ago, before I had really started searching. I found that I love God and that fearing God will prevent me from loving and trusting God. I found that God really is everything, and everything is from God. So I will, from now on, love everything, and worry about nothing. This somewhat contradicts what I am about to write next…

I am conducting a health experiment. I am forcing myself to eat gluten every day. The first day it seemed like heaven; ‘What? All the bread, pizza and pasta I want to eat? Fantastic!’ Less than a week into my project I am less enthusiastic. I feel rather sick; dizzy, nauseous, tummy cramps, sore throat, runny nose, mind fog, diarrhoea, constipation, numb arms, tingling, headaches, vomit, are just the symptoms that come to mind (bearing in mind the mind fog!). So why am I doing this to myself? Well I have just found out that coeliac disease is linked to a family history of autoimmune disorders, which I have, and IBS, which I also have. Furthermore, undiagnosed coeliac can lead to more serious disease. So I have booked in with the GP, to find out once and for all if I should be eating gluten at all. At the same time, I don’t really trust in the medical profession to make a correct diagnoses, so I am carrying this experiment out to see, for myself, how I feel when eating gluten, and when I don’t! I know now that I feel awful when eating it and will update how I feel when not eating…

So how is the running going amidst all this? Well good and bad (like most things according to life) I ran 10 + k according to schedule and have run since, but my performance is definitely affected  by my gluten experiment and on my last run some of the gluten came back up… But hey! I have found God in all this, and he/she/it told me that I have chosen this road, and do you know what? I believe in God!



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