The Running Bug

Having struggled with tiredness and an under-active thyroid for the last four years, running has been last on the list of things I wished to do. At the same time my weight has slowly crept up to the yellow point and I find myself looking less convincing when advocating a healthy diet and exercise regime to my children. This spring, as school was drawing closer to the holidays, I realised just how unproductive and moody my year had been. I had not helped out at the children’s school as much I as I would have liked to, my own University course was quickly failing, especially after my computer deleted  my essay, and my health was not improving, despite my course being about nutrition. I felt strongly that the Universe (and yes I am aware of unconventional this sounds) wanted me to do something else. So I stopped right there and decided to take stock. As I did so I came across a book called ‘Scream Free Parenting’. This book made me realise, among other things, that I am not responsible for my children, I am responsible TO them. It really was an epiphany to me.

Now the next book I stumbled across, this time on my own bookshelf, was ‘Running Made Easy’. It was well read and much less used… Well this time I ran, I amazed my self, I saw the sunrise, I breathed the fresh air into the bottom of my lungs, and I had another revelation! I am going to run the Brighton Marathon. I am going to do it for me and for the future. 

Now I have been on a few more runs, every time I amaze myself, but when it gets hard I hold the thought that the very air that breath is helped by the cause I am running for.

I think I have caught the running bug and I hope it is here to stay… 


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